On the other side of the camera


I want to introduce my friend Natalie that took these photos of me. She has never used any camera in manual mode and had no idea how to do so. So I spent some time explaining the technical side of it, as well as gave her a few tips on composition and light. Then she needed a model to practice on, and I eagerly stepped in - how noble of me, right? I think she did a good job. The point I am making is that knowing some tricks and basics about how your camera works makes a big difference. You could significantly improve the quality of your images if you know how to play with the settings (and to use editing software;))

I can't help but mention that I had an amazing teacher Jermaine Amado (J.Amado Photography), who mentored me (and still does) and shared so much of his knowledge about photography and how to work with people. Thank you so much for everything, Jermaine!