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Meet Me

My name is Angela and I have just moved back to Denver Metro area after 2 amazing years in San Francisco Bay Area. I am a portrait and wedding photographer at Proda Photography.

My love for photography started long time ago when I still lived in Ukraine. My friends always joked that I saw them more often through the lens than my own eyes.

My goal is to show the beauty of the moment and to freeze time so in, say, 20 years my subjects come across their portraits and open the door into the past only to live it all again.

I enjoy being around people, I love the outdoors, and it is definitely fun to combine the two. I take pictures of high school seniors, couples, families and their children, and I also do maternity photography. The best reward for me is to see my happy clients!

My philosophy: Don't take what you have for granted. Love your each and every moment, live it, breathe it, because soon it will be gone.

My Equipment

I use Canon R5. For the lens, I have 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, 85mm f1.4, 100mm 2.8(which is my favorite lens to shoot outdoors).

Although professional gear is important, I believe that the most vital quality of the photographer is not as much the technical proficiency but rather the eye for the detail and the passion and love to what they do.

Proda Photography specializes in...

...family photography, child photography, baby photography, newborn photography, pregnancy photography, senior graduation photography, professional headshots photography, and wedding photography.