Couples Photographer

Winter Photo Session at Paint Mines Interpretive Park

I always wanted to photograph at Paint Mines Park near Calhan, and these guys loved my location suggestion. We picked a day in the middle of December, hoping that it will be relatively warm. But no! It was below zero and we had to cut the session in half as we were completely frozen! But even with the limited time I think the photos turned out gorgeous!

Engagement Photographer

Engagement Photo Session at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF

I photographed this amazing engagement of Heather and Doug in spring of 2019. I fell in love with this couple right away- their connection is unreal! They have been together for 10 years and besides being in love, they are also best friends and can't imagine being apart from each other even for a day! I can't wait to share their wedding photos!

Family Photographer

Family Photo Session in Golden

Clear Creek History Park is an amazing spot to take family photos! This session was taken a bit more than an hour before sunset, and the light was perfect! There is a variety of different backdrops, such as cabins form 1800s, a barn, chicken coop, etc. Just a few minutes across the bridge there is a beautiful area right by the river that offers another beautiful photo set!

Family Photographer

Family Mini Photo Session in Golden gate park

Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park is so perfect for family photography! It works great every time I go there, and it doesn't matter if it's early in the morning, in the middle of the day, or closer to sunset! And, of course, it looks extra good when my clients show up wearing such beautiful colors!

Family Photography

Baby boy celebrates his first year with his family

Nestor booked a session with me very last minute. He realized that the best way to remember his son's first birthday was to capture this milestone with professional photographs. So we met in the afternoon, a bit more than an hour before sunset, and had a blast together. Click to view the pictures on the blog!

Engagement Photography

Natalie and Crockett's Engagement Pictures

Natalie and Crockett are so sweet together! They laugh, they dance, they just enjoy each other's presence. San Francisco is the city where they met and live and they wanted to celebrate their connection with the city through with engagement photo session. We went to two beautiful locations, and I can't decide which one I love more!

Family Photography

Family Mini Photo Session in Golden gate park

I would never have guessed that there is a redwood grove right in the middle of San Francisco! Golden Gate Park doesn't cease to amazme me with variety of backdrops available for any taste! This session was photographed at 11 am when the light is already to harsh for decent outdoor portraits. But woods is a perfect spot to escape midday sun!

Engagement Photography

San Francisco Baker Beach Family Session

Nicole and her family were so full of energy at our photo session at Baker Beach in San Francisco. It was pretty chilly and windy, so we had to move a lot in order to keep warm. The girls didn't seem to mind at all 🙂
I love Baker Beach for it's scenic backdrops, but it is pretty challenging when it comes to editing as it takes a lot of time to remove people from the background. It's totally worth it, though, and families always love their photos from this location 🙂

Maternity Photography

Kenya's Maternity Session

Kenya and Jerome were amazing during their maternity photo session! They were natural and almost didn't need guidance on how to pose to achieve best results. During our 1-hr photoshoot we were able to do two different looks and photograph at two separate scenic locations. Oh how I love west coast, especially near my beautiful town Pacifica!

Family Photography, Baby Pictures

First Year Birthday at SF Zoo

Pauline's baby boy turned one and she decided to make him a present and book a family photo session. We went to San Francisco Zoo and really enjoyed that little adventure. Such a happy time!

Travel Photography

Olga's Travel Photos

Olga came to California to visit her friends just days before Shelter-In-Place. Since the whole higher education world transitioned online, she decided to stay in Pacifica for a few more weeks. We took these photos after some restrictions were lifted and outdoor photography was allowed again. The photos turned out very good and Olga loved them!

Senior Photography

Joey's Senior Photos

I took Joey's senior photos in Pacifica at the beach the small section of which has a few fisherman houses. This spot relates to Joey as he works at a commercial fishing boat. He told me about amazing sunstets in the middle of the ocean when everything is golden, and countless stars that make the whole experience extra magic when there are no people around your boat for miles.

Senior Photography

Liya's Senior Pictures

Liya is a young ambitious girl. She wants to become a food scientist, and loves flowers and ice cream. We did her graduation senior portraits in Boulder, CO. It was such an honor to be her photographer and capture this important milestone.

Family Photography

Family Mini Photo Session in the park

This beautiful family are enjoying some time together in one of sunny but windy mornings in San Francisco. Their daddy has to be away from his family for the most part so he can finish school on the East Coast. Al says that the hardest part is to not be with his family, especially when baby Ava is changing every day.

Family Photography

Exploring San Francisco China Town With Maria

This Ukrainian beauty Maria moved to the USA from Odessa, Ua, and has lived in San Francisco ever since. She is also a photographer, but does modeling now and again. We met for a brief hour in Chinatown in San Francisco and wandered the streets until my car almost got towed. Definitely a fun day!

Family Photography

Family photo session at Baker Beach

Ana's wonderful family was vacationing this summer in San Francisco. They loved the city as well as the Bay Area so much that they decided to document their time here. We photographed at Baker Beach, and here's what we ended up with.

Personal Branding

Alexa's Personal Branding Photo Session

Alexa is one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met! She loves helping people realize their strengths, and encourages others to follow their passion and achieve their goals. She creates content about self-development and entrepreneurship and tries to say YES to life at every opportunity! She is beautiful inside and out, and I was honored to photograph this amazing woman.

Family Photography

Baker Beach Family Photography

San Francisco is a very important place for Brian, as this is the city where he got engaged and then married to his beautiful wife, and they also had their little princess who now is 2 years old. Now they are relocating to North Carolina and wanted to remember this special time in their lives. I was honored to have been chosen as their family photographer and glad that we could capture these precious moments in San Francisco in photos .

Family Photography

One Year Milestone at Golden Gate Park

I actually met this amazing family when Gemma was born and took her newborn pictures. It was hard to believe it was the same baby I held in my arms a year ago - she has grown so much and was running around non-stop 🙂

Family Photography

What to wear for family session?

General impression from photos depends on many factors. Of course, composition, light, and editing are crucial. But so are the location and the clothing style that the subjects choose. The last two should compliment each other, and sometimes it could be challenging to coordinate the outfits, especially if there are more then two persons being photographed. 

In this post I will try to give you some tips on styling when it comes to family photos.

Portrait Photography


To provide you with all necessary information, I put together the most frequently asked questions, such as additional information about photo packages, turn-around time, editing and retouching of the images, what happens before/after the session, and other details that will help you get a better idea of my photography services.