In-home newborn photo session

What to expect on the day of your newborn photo session

On the day of newborn photo session I will arrive at the time we have agreed upon earlier and bring all necessary things with me. You don't need to provide any items of clothing or props, but if you have purchased a cute outfit, or would like to incorporate something meaningful to your family, I'd be happy to add it to the the workflow.

I will be bringing: wraps, swaddles, hats (animal bonnets, beanies, night caps, etc), headbands( if it's a baby girl), small stuffed animals for the baby to hold, 2 background fabric sheets for the baby to pose on, furs, and a basket, as well as a roll-up floor mat (rustic wooden pattern). Here are some examples of the props:


Once I set up and select the props I will be incorporating into the session, I will start with the first major set - BABY IN BASKET.

I will do two different looks/outfit changes using the same basket and floor mat, but changing swaddle colors, hats/headbands, furs, etc. I will also take some close-ups of baby's feet, hands, lips, ears, eyelashes, etc.

Here are some examples:

After we are done with the BABY IN BASKET set, we will move on to the second major set BABY POSED ON FABRIC BACKGROUND. It's very important to have a sleepy baby for this step otherwise traditional newborn poses are almost impossible.

If the baby is sleepy, I will attempt to do 4 different poses (each pose will have two different looks) on two different background fabric colors. Are are the examples of the 4 poses:

If the baby is alert and awake, I will have to swaddle them for the pictures. These photos are very adorable in their own way because baby interacts with the camera and gives away the cutest expressions! Expect a lot of close-ups 😉

This is it! We are done with individual baby photos, and now can move on to taking family pictures if you desire.

Family photos should take no more that 10-15 minutes. If there is an older sibling, we should consider taking family/sibling portraits in the beginning of the newborn session as very often toddlers can get cranky closer to noon or around their nap time.

Usually I photograph families against a plain background, such as wall, so nothing distracts from the new member of the family. But if you don't have a plain wall in the house, we can take pictures sitting on the bed, or a sofa, or standing in the nursery.

The session is now finished! I will take 10 minutes to pack up and will be on my way!