Posed Vs Lifestyle Newborn Session

Time flies extra fast when you have a newborn baby. Infants change every day, and thank for the digital age and the fancy that do a very good job capturing those everyday moments.

If you have decided to hire a professional photographer to capture your baby's very first milestone and also the joy and special connection that the baby brought to the family, you might find yourself thinking what style of newborn photography to choose.

There are two major types of newborn photography, posed newborn photography and lifestyle newborn photography. I offer both at the comfort of your home, and you will save yourself time and energy as you won't have to travel to a photo studio.

Posed Newborn Photography

It's a perfect way to capture your baby and their ability to fold into those classic poses you often see on the Internet. The main focus is on the baby and poses. Family photos can be also added to the workflow , but family photography in this case takes not more than 20% of the whole session.

The best time to schedule a posed newborn session is between 6-15 days of baby's age.

This is a good option to consiuder if you think your home is too small to acts as a studio space, or cluttered, or in the middle of renovation, etc.



Lifestyle Newborn Photography 

The majority of the shoot is spent capturing the connection between the parents and baby, and also photographing the baby individually within their new surroundings. We won't be doing any heavy posing, and  we will only use those clothes and items that belong to the baby or are meaningful to the family.

The best time to schedule the session is anytime between 1 week and 8 weeks of baby's age.

If you love your home decor and have plenty of space to change sets (such as a nursery, bedroom, living room, nice backyard, etc) as well as you can make sure that it's neat and organized for the day pof the session, lifestyle session can be a great choice!

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