Family Photography Session.

What to wear for family photo session?

General impression from photos depends on many factors. Of course, composition, light, and editing are crucial. But so are the location and the clothing style that the subjects choose. The last two should compliment each other, and sometimes it could be challenging to coordinate the outfits, especially if there are more then two persons being photographed.

In this post I will try to give you some tips on styling when it comes to family photos. So let’s begin!

1. The whole family should stick with ONE STYLE. It’s going to be easier if you first choose clothing for one person (usually the mother) and eventually add outfits of other members of the family. Keep in mind the season, the location, and the weather.

2. COORDINATE COLORS. Remember: the days where people would dress to match are long gone. Colors that complement each other would make your photograph so much better.

3. AVOID BUSY PRINTS, especially logos, text, or characters. They will draw attention away from your faces. Tiny plaid and complicated patterns could be great for everyday, but not so much for the photographs. Although, if one person in the group wears a pattern, that shouldn’t make the picture overwhelming.

4. Consider your HOME DECOR. You will most likely want to print and hang your images in your house, so make sure that the color of your clothes go with the color scheme of your home.

5.THINK CLASSIC. These photos will be in your family for generations, and simple styles will give your images a timeless feel.

6. PLAN AHEAD. If you wait until the day before/of the session, you might be disappointed to find out that some of the clothes don’t fit, or stained, etc. This often applies to kids as they grow so fast and run around so much.

7. ACCESSORIES and layers. Those are quick and easy ways to make your outfits look amazing. Scarves, hats, belts, blazers, cardigans, jewelry, and other accessories should definitely be considered.

8. Don’t forget SHOES! Stay away from athletic shoes or those that don’t go with your general style. And yeah, leave your flip-flops at home!

9. If you have younger kids, it’s a great idea to BRING PROPS such as a book, bubbles, a toy, etc that would make your little ones happy when they get tired or bored. Also, don’t make kiddos wear uncomfortable clothes or things/colors that they hate. I am sure there is something in their wardrobe that would make everybody happy.

10. Some stores offer free STYLING ASSISTANCE (Nordstrom, for example) and will have clothes for the whole family. It will save you time and make the whole shopping experience less stressful.

I am attaching some color palette suggestions that might be helpful for you.